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Be a Part of Something Bigger

Sponsoring a child in our foster care project is an amazing opportunity to support sustainable development and to contribute to the implementation of an effective child protection system in Morocco. For the past three years, we have helped implement the first government-backed foster care pilot program in Morocco. You can be a part of this unprecedented project and directly impact the lives of children for a brighter future.

Why Foster Care?

An Estimated 115,000 children in Morocco live in residential centres… and they don’t need to be

Figure from Entraide Nationale, 2018

We believe in a child’s right to a safe and loving home. Foster care programs like other alternative care options can provide such stability, and is essential to developing a sustainable and long-term child protection system.

In accordance to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children should be with families, be it with their biological or other alternative family care. Unfortunately, this is not a reality for all children. In Morocco, an estimated 115,000 children live residential centres (Entraide Nationale, 2018). Overcrowded and underfunded, these centres cannot provide for the individual needs necessary for the healthy growth of a child’s development.

How Sponsorship Helps

Sponsorship programs vary from organization to organization. While some advertise and sensationalize information about specific children, not all of a donor’s money may contribute to each child or their family. Through our program we ensure that all of your donation contributes to the most pressing needs of our foster care children, while protecting their rights and dignity.

Sponsorship Provides A Child’s:

Daily needs including food, clothing, and transportation

Access to education

Medical assistance

Counseling on a weekly basis with our trained social workers

Individualized care to ensure each child’s unique needs are met

How Sponsorship Works

For less than the price of a coffee per day, your monthly £80 contribution supports the needs of a child in a loving and long-term home. As a sponsor you will receive:

  • A welcome packet introducing you to your sponsored child upon registration
  • Quarterly news updates about our foster care program
  • A personalized letter every six months from our team sharing your direct impact on your sponsored children’s transformative journey

Download our foster care sponsorship handbook for even more information about your impact as a sponsor, guidelines, and our child protection policies.

Become a Sponsor in 3 Easy Steps:

Changing a life has never been easier.

1. Email

Send us a message with your intent to sponsor and include your preferred email and mailing address to: info@moroccanchildrenstrust.org.

2. Select Your Payment Method

We offer two payment methods that automatically bill you each month:

  1. Direct Debit Download handbook for bank details
  2. Paypal Choose one of two options below:

To our UK Sponsors: your contribution is eligible for Gift Aid! Please let us know your desire to register in your initial email, and we will send you the necessary documents.

We are also happy to send tax receipts upon request.

3. Receive

Sponsors will receive a welcome packet within 10 business days via email providing information about their sponsored child.

Sponsors will also receive via email quarterly updates and a personalized letter from our team every 6 months.