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We adopt a holistic approach to our work

We believe that working with vulnerable children demands a holistic approach, and this belief underpins all of our work. We employ this approach to support vulnerable children and their families, helping them address the daily challenges they face that can prevent them from fulfilling their potential. Our projects include educational support and pre-school programmes, our women’s empowerment project, social work, recreational activities, and health advocacy.

We work towards sustainable development

Our sustainable approach is what separates us from other organisations, and our projects are culturally sensitive and embedded in the community. Not only does our work in Morocco help to support vulnerable children and their families in the short term, but it also works to improve conditions for them and future generations in the long term.

We work in the local community, with the local community

All of our work – from our educational support and preschool programme to our women’s empowerment project – is underpinned by intensive casework delivered by local social workers experienced in supporting disadvantaged people in a non-judgemental, compassionate and empowering approach.