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It’s been a couple weeks since our visiting Groupe Maroc Horizons volunteers left, but MCT and its sister charity KKF still greatly miss them!  The two week trip was a fun and meaningful experience for both guests and hosts.

The GMH project coordinator and two volunteers took part in the Volunteer Exchange Programme to provide a cross-cultural educational experience for all members, and to enhance our projects through direct collaboration.  The volunteers played a major role in the resounding success of MCT’s “Home Street Home” Art Exhibit and KKF’s Summer Scheme to help children beat summer boredom.

In addition to trying out their newly-acquired English skills, learned at weekly classes in Morocco during the lead-up to their visit, the group also visited The Baytree Centre in Brixton (http://www.baytreecentre.org/) to get an idea of social work in the UK.  We hope experiences like these will help enhance their future work.

The trip wasn’t all business, though!  As two of the volunteers were first-time visitors to the capital, we had a marvelous time showing them the sights and sounds of our beloved London.

We would like to thank our KKF and MCT volunteers for being wonderful guides for our guests.  The group enjoyed shopping, meals with volunteers, a trip to Cambridge, the London Eye, theatre, a basketball match at Olympic Park and museums (British Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum).

Our GMH colleagues’ tireless enthusiasm throughout the two weeks was inspirational and they were a pleasure to have around.  Thank you for your hard work and partnership; we cannot wait to see you again and look forward to the next trip in our Volunteer Exchange Programme.

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