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A warm welcome to Sarah Sibley, our new In-country Project Coordinator in Taroudannt!

Sarah Sibley – In-country Project Coordinator

Sarah started volunteering with the Moroccan Children’s Trust (MCT) in August 2010 as a Street Children Project Intern. Since then, her involvement with MCT has gradually increased – it even continued when in 2011 she had to return to her home country (United States) due to her visa expiration.

In September 2011, Sarah returned to the UK and began her full-time Masters programme in international development at Queen Mary, University of London, while also gradually taking up the role of MCT UK Project Coordinator. In February 2012 she became the first MCT team member on the pay roll thanks to the generosity of a private donor that recognised the need for one person to be a consistent presence (two days a week) in the MCT London office and manage the growing team of volunteers. Sarah also decided to conduct the research for her Masters dissertation in Taroudannt, working with the women’s group at Centre Amane (formerly Centre Afaq), to examine the gender-poverty nexus in rural Morocco.

Sarah’s involvement continued after she graduated with her MA and in February 2013, she became MCT’s Charity Manager, working three days a week and being responsible for the management of the UK team, coordination of the Street Children Project, accounting, fundraising and marketing. In conjunction with this position, Sarah also started working two days a week for the Klevis Kola Foundation (KKF), MCT’s sister charity based in the same office with projects running in South West London. Sarah was able to build her fundraising, marketing, accounting, communications and volunteer coordination experience.

Finally, from March 2014 Sarah became the new volunteer In-country Project Coordinator, taking up Molly Abraham’s role in Taroudannt for the upcoming year.

Sarah has been involved with MCT since the opening of Centre Amane in October 2010 and she had the opportunity to visit Taroudannt several times over the years. Her long-standing involvement with the team at the centre has granted her a place in the hearts of many in Taroudannt and she is considered an integral member of this extended family! For this reason, the team was enthusiastic to welcome her to Taroudannt – this time for a longer stay – and even though she is greatly missed by the team in London, her work ethic and determination have allowed her to continue contributing to her previous role as charity manager in London as well as taking on her role as In-country Project Coordinator in Taroudannt.

We wish Sarah all the best for the beginning of this new incredible adventure and we want to thank her for her long-standing and passionate commitment to MCT both in London and Taroudannt.

Shokran bzzaaf Sarah wa lahyofek!

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