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What an exciting summer at Centre Amane! The children took part in many different activities and also had the opportunity to go on several field trips to the beach.

With only a couple of weeks left until school starts, here are some highlights of this summer:

To celebrate the end of the school year, a party was held for the children at Centre Amane. Dancing, games and cake were on the menu as well as gifts for Lalla Zahra who works tirelessly to ensure that the children are provided for each day.

Towards the end of July, the children spent an entire day at the beach in Tamraght, riding horses and camels, building sand castles and swimming in the ocean. The day ended with a visit to the Amodou ranch. Needless to say, the children were sound asleep on the way back to Taroudant.






On one hot summer day, the children spent the afternoon in the computer lab. They learned about vulnerable children in Uganda and shared their ideas on the topic of “How can we end discrimination against people who are living on the streets?” You can see some of their answers, as well as other children’s answers, here.

















In August, our French volunteers and partners Bernadette, François, and Yannick led activities for two weeks with the children. They had a lot of fun cooking, coloring, doing arts and crafts, playing rugby, and making masks.

The children also had a couple of relaxing afternoons watching movies, going to the park, the swimming pool, and learning English!







Their batteries are now fully charged, time for the school year to start.

Keep an eye out for our #BackToSchool campaign coming up!