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Last month we welcomed Andy Williams to Taroudannt for a week long visit at Centre Afaq. Andy is President Emeritus and co-founder of Retrak, a street-child NGO based in East Africa, and a registered social worker in the UK.

During the visit, his second to the centre, Andy ran a series of training and capacity building sessions for the social work team focusing on assessment, communication and case management in social work. The team explored various techniques to develop the work done in one-to-one sessions the social workers do with both children and parents and aim to incorporate these into their current practice.

Andy Williams training with Centre Afaq social work team

A day was also set aside to discuss Retrak’s experiences of setting up a fostering project in Uganda and how these might relate to the Moroccan context.  It was a great opportunity for the team to learn from the challenges faced in Uganda and for Andy to share his knowledge and ideas.

There was also a chance for Andy to have some fun as he joined the children on their outing to the mountains.

outing to mountains

We are delighted to have the support of Andy and his visits are invaluable for the continuing development of our social work practice.  We look forward to his next visit!

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