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MCT volunteer on the Women’s Project, Briony, left Taroudannt last week after 6 months with the team.

She is sorely missed by all at the Centre and in the Women’s Project. The participatory approach she used to transform the Women’s Project empowered and improved the confidence of the women in the group. Due to this, the women are now almost ready to begin a catering initiative. Briony’s ideas to use the women’s strengths and help each woman individually with her career path, as well as the catering project, are currently underway.

The London team that are currently in Taroudant watched the creation of and tasted the results of a chocolate cake, which one of the women made, and it was absolutely delicious! We’re all sad to see Briony leave, but wish her the best for the future. With all of her input from her time with us, the project has great potential be self-sustaining.

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