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Last Sunday evening, everyone at Centre Afak welcomed in the new school year with a performance spectacular. The children, their families, GMH staff, volunteers from like associations, the sound guys and various other invitees flocked to an auditorium just outside the city walls, to bear witnessto song, dance, speech and loads of encouragement. It was an extremely expert affair, and the enthusiastic smiles on the children’s faces told that they relished being part of it. The GMH team had spent the day building the stage from scratch, decorating it with colourful fabrics and banners, and rehearsing the songs and dances. The professional lighting and sound added another special dimension to the night, with the fog machine really putting the icing on the cake! The evening finished with the giving of presents and certificates to all the children, in a celebration of their achievements past and those pending. MCT along with GMH are very excited to be supporting the children through the coming school year, and wish them all the best.


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