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This holiday season… Support Moroccan Children’s Trust!

Give a life-changing gift to children and families in need at Centre Amane.



One Homework Help Session – £15
One Week of Homework Help – £90

Our full-time teacher helps children overcome any difficulties they face at school by providing them with homework support and encouraging them to participate in class.
Backpack & School Supplies 

Many families in Taroudant cannot afford to purchase new school supplies for their children. Your gift will offer books, textbooks, pens, pencils, backpacks, uniforms, and more.

Arts & Crafts Materials 

Doing arts and crafts at Centre Amane is one of the children’s favourite activities. Your gift will include paint, stickers, markers, crayons, modeling clay, felt, ribbons, etc.

Sports Equipment 

Sports and group activities can teach responsibility, discipline and teamwork, and provide a safe alternative away from the streets for both boys and girls. Your gift will offer balls, rackets, circus materials, kick boxing equipment, fees to join new sports clubs, and more.

Winter Clothes  

Winters can be cold in Morocco. Protect a child in need from winter chill. Your gift of a warm coat, hat, scarf, pair of shoes or gloves will allow a child to keep playing outside this winter.

Day trip for 30 children

Many children have limited experience of life beyond the walls of Taroudant and few opportunities to visit other places. On trips, children get to expand their horizons and develop relational and personal skills. Your gift will cover transportation, food, activities, entry, and more.

One Women’s Group Session – £50
Four Women’s Group Sessions – £200

In the women’s group, the mothers of children in our projects come together to share some of the daily challenges they face and to collaboratively find solutions. Your gift will keep empowering these women to change their lives for the better.

Home visits to vulnerable families

During home visits, our social workers have the opportunity to build stronger relationships with our beneficiaries and to collect valuable information on their living conditions and needs. Your gift will allow our social workers to continue making appropriate interventions.

Holistic Social Work

Our team delivers targeted individual support to each of our beneficiary. We work holistically with the children’s families, schools, courts, etc. to ensure that they transition towards a more stable, autonomous life. Your gift will support this crucial work for vulnerable families for one month.

Foster Care for Vulnerable Child

Sponsor a vulnerable child to be part of a foster family. Your gift will enable us to recruit and train a foster family, give them a modest monthly stipend to cover the child’s needs, and provide them with continuous support throughout the child’s placement.

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We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. The needs and prices shown reflect Moroccan Children’s Trust and Fondation Amane’s projects. Donations will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most within the gift category or to address a similar need.