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In-country Project Coordinator Hannah Bradley and London intern Sophia Booth attended the 2015 Consortium on Street Children Research Conference this past week (Nov. 5) in London at the Amnesty International Human Rights Center. This year’s conference, titled “I move, therefore I am not: Exploring difference conceptualizations of street-connected children’s Identities” focused on the multi-faceted, often fluid identities of street-connected children and related issues.

Hannah presented a workshop, “Accessing Legal ID: Programming Strategies for Civil Registration in Taroudannt, Morocco” which invited participants to think critically about birth registration policies and problem-solve potential solutions in their own contexts.

The conference’s talks and panels brought together diverse experts, representing many academic fields, all united in their concern for street-connected children’s issues. “It was great to meet researchers from many different CSC member organisations—not just to network, but also to hear how approaches to the work both differ and are similar around the world,” says Hannah.