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To kick-off this week’s celebration of Eid Adha – one of the most important holidays in the Islamic calendar – the children and team at Centre Amane took time to enjoy the festivities together. Last Friday, the 3rd October, about 75 people gathered on the terrace at Centre Amane to sing, dance, do activities with the children, and eat dinner together.

All children aged 3 to 20 years were all invited to attend the activities, running from 3-9pm. Some of the older children and mothers helped the staff and volunteers at Centre Amane prepare for the event, from cleaning and set-up to cooking and clean-up. It was the first activity for Centre Amane’s new team member, Zohair (sports programme and activity coordinator), to organise since he joined the team in mid-September.

The event included henna and face-painting, traditional Gnaoua band music, song and dance performance from one of the groups of children in the school support programme, music activities for the other groups, and a communal BBQ dinner.

There was a real spirit of community as everyone participated and enjoyed spending time with old and new friends. New MCT volunteer, Naveed, visited for the second time from Dubai and funded the event as an Eid contribution to the families of Centre Amane. It was a joy for all to get to share the event and the special Eid holiday with him!

New MCT volunteer, Naveed, chatting with FAPE (Amane) member.


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