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Saturday was the first training session ran by the CARE (Citizen’s Access to Registration) project sponsored by MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative) and ran by our partner Fondation Amane pour la Protection de l’enfance.

The training was attended by professionals in Chtouka who are all involved in one or many of the steps which mothers take to register their children, for example civil servants, healthcare workers and teachers. This weekend it was great that the MEPI team got to work closely with several midwives in the area, providing training on the importance of birth registration as well as how to help the process effectively.

This weekend marks a very successful start to the training section of the project and it is great to know that the participants of the training will be returning to the workplace today better equipped to facilitate the difficult process for mothers as well as help children access their rights through birth registration.

The training session made it to INFOSOUSS News channel! The work of the project will be vital to advocating for changes to the registration system at a national level.