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May is all Art’up! The Centre Afaq had its first art session held by Soufiane our newest Moroccan volunteer. On this occasion, the children had to call on their artistic skills. This was not an easy task as for some of them it was their first experience of drawing and painting, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun!

Soufiane is a local artist who works at a cultural organisation called Art Point. Every Friday, he will be volunteering at the Centre Afaq and will run art sessions with two groups of children who attend our â€œsoutien scolaire” – our homework support sessions.This past week was the third session for ten of the younger children. They did some measuring and they created a grid paper where they will work on drawing shapes. It was a very difficult exercise for them to learn how to do equal measurements but with concentration and a little help from their experienced teacher, they succeeded!

Last Friday afternoon was the first session with the older group (about eight children), during which they did free drawing. What an exciting way to express themselves through art!

Everyone seemed to be having a great time! Photos of the children’s work will be coming soon – keep checking this page for updates.

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