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MCT made the most of the long Bank Holiday weekend (25th – 27th August) to gain visibility and raise funds for the project in Taroudannt at Notting Hill Carnival.

Our collegue Anwar kindly opened up his family house in Notting Hill for a barbecue/fundraiser that helped us to raise around £500 towards our Street Child Centre.
These two days proved that you can raise money with simple (and funny) ideas as six volunteers prepared and served moroccan food- delicious cous cous Tfaya accompanied by barbecued chicken and kofte seasoned with Moroccan spices- as well as managing the long queue of carnival-goers waiting to use the toilet at £1 a time.  It just goes to show that you don’t always need first-class facilities to succeed, but enthusiasm and goodwill are essential!

A very big thank you to Anwar’s family who kindly donated their house and their time to make the fundraiser a success.

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