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Thanks to the ongoing support of the Roger Shashoua Foundation we have already been able to make a recognisable contribution to the children’s education and development through our sports centre.  We are now putting together a plan to further develop the centre by improving the facilities and providing more equipment, helping us to involve more children and their families in a wider range of leisure activities.  This is particularly important as there are few recreational opportunities available to children and young people in Taroudannt and the activities at the sports centre provide them with something fun to do in a safe, secure environment.  Sport can also be a really attractive pathway into the projects and an important point of first contact with those children who are most difficult to reach.  Moreover, we firmly believe that sport provides children with transferable skills, helping to improve their behaviour and self-discipline, helping them learn how to share and to work as a team as they become better able to understand each others points of view, feelings and needs.

We look forward to being able to bring you more news about the expansion of the project in the coming months!

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