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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: 25th November

Last week we welcomed Fatima, the new social worker at Centre Amane who will be working on the women’s project. Fatima will be helping mums and carers to overcome daily challenges, find new strategies to care for their children and develop their autonomy and self-confidence. What better opportunity to get stuck in than to start with her first women’s group session on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The session was an opportunity to raise awareness about the different types of violence that exist and analyse why these issues prevail. The women had the chance to share experiences and debate how to combat violence against women in their communities. The women and Fatima discussed how violence against women has a negative effect on children and society in general and concluded that the education of children was key for a future without violence against women. fatima1

Centre Amane provides women with a space to share their experiences and benefit from the powerful but sometimes elusive resources of solidarity and organisation. Through coming together, the women have the opportunity to confront the problems in their community which they too have experienced and emerge with a positive message about a future without such challenges. We look forward to seeing what else Fatima and the women’s group will get up to as we work together on expanding the success of the women’s project.