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On 7th December, our international and local volunteers in Taroudannt came together to celebrate International Volunteer Appreciation Day (5th December) in a very unique way – giving thanks for the cross-cultural exchange of MCT’s volunteer programme by recognising the American holiday of Thanksgiving (27th November).

Hosted by MCT’s (American) in-country volunteer coordinator at the MCT volunteer house, 18 international and local volunteers gathered to take part in a Thanksgiving dinner. Some of the local volunteers helped with the preparation of the feast of various American dishes, while others provided entertainment during the evening with music and video interviews of what each person is thankful for this year. Additionally, three American Peace Corps volunteers joined in the cross-cultural event. They are based in the Taroudannt area working at youth and women’s centres and currently providing English language training for MCT’s local Moroccan volunteers as well as facilitating opportunities to work together in support of the work at Centre Amane.

The local volunteers generously hosted MCT’s international volunteers during Ramadan and Eid celebrations this July and October, so this gathering marked an opportunity to give in return. The American hosts explained the history of Thanksgiving and the dishes they had prepared for everyone to try. The meal did not commence until each person had had the opportunity to share with everyone at the table what he or she is most thankful for this year – difficult to get through 18 people without the food getting cold!


The consensus was definitely appreciation for the opportunity to have such a rich cultural exchange in MCT’s volunteer programme… Happy International Volunteer Appreciation Day!