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Summer time has come to an end in Taroudannt with the start of school this past Wednesday.  For some at Centre Amane, one of the last weeks of summer was full of fun activities run by the Ministry of Youth & Sport in Taroudannt.

Ten of the primary school aged children participating in activities at Centre Amane had the opportunity to join other children in the local programme and gain new experiences like spending a day in Agadir, including touring the Agadir airport to learn about how it works.  The entire group then marked the end of such a fantastic week with an event to which they invited family and friends.  The children gave enthusiastic drama, comedy and music performances and received participation certificates from the volunteers who organised and facilitated the week on behalf of the Ministry of Youth & Sport.

Some of the team members of Centre Amane had the opportunity to attend the event and congratulate the children who participated.  Now it’s time to get ready to return to school!

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