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Samar Chakhrati:
I am very happy to be here in London, we are currently visiting different places with our friendly guide Oliver Roy from MCT. I take this opportunity to present to him all my thanks.To visit an Anglo-Saxon country , is a new experience for me, and it is thanks to you and the Amane foundation that it has been possible. I not only have visited many places but also have learned many things by volunteering with Caras that will help me develop my work in Morocco.

Samar Chakhrati:
Je suis très heureuse d’être parmi vous à Londres, nous sommes entrain de visiter différentes places avec la présence de notre aimable guide Oliver ROY que je profite de l’occasion pour lui présenter tous mes remerciement. Etre dans un pays du monde anglo-saxon, est une nouvelle expérience pour moi, et c’est grâce à vous et à la fondation Amane. Sans oublier de déclarer que j’ai appris des choses en faisant le volontariat à Caras qui vont m’aider à développer mon parcours social au Maroc.

Mohamed Zakaria Banizakaria:

Eight days ago we arrived in London, it’s such a wonderful and beautiful city, we have the 11258864_10155953777520254_9150394060239033476_n-101x180chance to be here with the members of Moroccan Children Trust, for which I’m very thankful. I am very grateful for their hospitality, and for giving us this opportunity to see and to participate in the work that they are doing here, and to discover many things in this beautiful country. For me it’s a very important thing in life, to visit and experience a new and great civilization. To know how other people are living in other countries gives me more knowledge about other places in my world, that world in which I am citizen, and all of this thanks to MCT and FAPE. My friend Oliver Roy from MCT, our colleague and our guide in this huge city is taking us to all the important places that we should visit and I’m very thankful for all of his help. Besides visiting many places, we have some trainings linked to the work that we are participating in. We had one today, centred on “Fundraising”, a very important aspect of social work as we can`t do anything without financial support, I benefited a lot from that training, and it has added to my understanding of this subject. Anyway, We still have more time , to discover more other things here Incha Allah. Thanks to everyone here.