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Our team in Morocco is now slowly beginning to grow. Oliver Roy who has been working on the volunteer project from the London office has recently made the move to Taroudannt. He is taking on the role of in-country street child and volunteer project coordinator.
Over the past year and a half Oliver has been working with the team in the London office and is very excited to take on his new role working directly on the projects in Morocco itself. His move comes during a period of change and development at MCT in which we are restructuring the in-country coordinator role. A new team member will also be joining Oliver in Taroudannt and unfrotunately our current in-country coordinator Sarah will be soon departing.
Oliver comes from a small village in the west of England but moved to London for study and has lived there over the past five years. He also previously spent a year living in Peru working with street children in Cusco within a grass-roots organisation similar to MCT. His experiences in South America gave him the drive to continue working in with children in a development context and was the reason he was drawn to MCT in the first place.
He arrives just in time for Ramadan which will continue until the middle of July and has dived right into the festivities and the fasting which has been a great experience. He is very much looking forward to the year in Morocco and all the challenges and excitement that is sure to come. Everyone in Morocco have been incredibly welcoming and he already feels very much a part of the team.