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This month MCT is very pleased to welcome Lynette Swanson back to Taroudant, where she will be assisting the Centre Amane in jump-starting its social work programme. Lynette left us in June, admittedly to escape the hot weather, but soon decided to return. She gathered substantial clothing and equipment donations for the Centre from her community, and though she came back to an unexpected October heat wave, she still feels “fantastic!” and has already accomplished a lot.

Drawing upon her 25 years as a social worker, Lynette has jumped in with both feet, writing new policies and procedures for FAPE, and is currently aiding in planning and presenting the training scheme of our new social work team—a rigorous program covering all aspects of the team’s work, from performing social work visits, to maintaining professional boundaries, to confidentiality, and more!

So far, she has been pleased with the team’s enthusiasm and their agility in adapting U.K.-based social work structures to the Moroccan context. She says she is “Absolutely over the moon over the positive response from the training” as the team proves hungry for information, and very enthusiastic.

Lynette is even testing her abilities as an English teacher, and this past Sunday evening held her first English class with Centre Amane volunteers and staff. We are lucky to have her back for the next few weeks!