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Centre Amane is pleased to announce an expansion in its mentoring programme! We are in the final stage of the mentoring training process to match 5 newly trained volunteer mentors with mentees. These pairs will join one ongoing mentoring pair with an experienced mentor in the programme.

Recruitment began in February at the local university to get students involved in volunteering at Centre Amane, particularly as volunteer mentors. There was a high turnout of over 25 interested students. Eleven students then signed up and participated in a 3-part training series for mentoring at Centre Amane: what is mentoring, child protection, how to be a mentor.Untitled

For one month, the volunteers then spent time at Centre Amane, observing and engaging in services such as homework support and sports activities. This helped both the volunteers to decide if they want to commit to one year of mentoring and the staff at Centre Amane to match volunteer mentors with children.

Five volunteers have decided to participate in the mentoring programme, with a couple delaying their start until after university exams this June. The Centre Amane team will do the matching process next week to get the first couple mentors started on their one-year mentoring relationship.

There is only one other known mentoring programme run in Morocco, affiliated with Al Khawayn University in Ifrane, Northern Morocco. Thus, we are very much looking forward to welcoming the new mentors to the volunteer team and strengthening support for starting more mentoring programmes in Morocco.