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Bastards‘, a new documentary by ex-BBC producer Deborah Perkin, captures the difficulties faced by Moroccan children born out of wedlock and the single mothers that fight for their rights.

By following single mothers fighting for justice, the documentary addresses big social issues through small human stories; heart-warming and heart-breaking stories captured in the raw, as Moroccan men and women clash about sex, children, marriage and money. It’s a surprising contemporary documentary that touches anyone who has loved or been betrayed.

Deborah, a friend of MCT, has shot the documentary and now needs funds to edit it and share it with audiences around the world. She is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise £10,000 to cover editing and production costs and has (as of 10/12/12) already been pledged £3,200. But she needs your help to get the other £6.8k of the way. The campaign closes on the 31st Dec and if she doesn’t hit her target, no-one gets charged. So dig deep and pledge so that the world can share in the stories of these remarkable Moroccan women and their fight for justice.

Why not pledge £20 as a present for someone this Christmas? Follow the link here to view the trailer and donate now http://is.gd/TnAxSU

Good luck Deborah!

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