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Three members of our London team – including myself – are currently visiting with the team in Taroudannt.

We are spending their time visiting the families which are involved in the projects, particularly spending time with the children of the education programme. As a new team member, I have the opportunity to learn how the Moroccan team works with at the Centre, and we are enthusiastic to take part in their every-day life, even if only for two weeks.

We are also having many meetings with the Moroccan team and members of GMH in order to better understand how all the activities are running in Taroudannt. The whole group (Moroccan and London teams) are working hard to schedule the next year of activities and to learn how the project could be improved.

This period is a great chance for our team to work together by exchanging ideas and points of views. It’s also the occasion for all of us to appreciate a different culture and to allow all members to meet each other, in person finally!

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