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Taroudannt Municipality, Fondation Amane pour la Protection de l’Enfance and Moroccan Children’s Trust in Collaboration

Education and dialogue about violence is one of the ways that we can hope to prevent violence against children. In Taroudannt, we kicked off 2017 with a project in partnership with the Municipality of Taroudannt to raise awareness about child abuse with local schools. 16387134_1841937279393728_6561850920502672501_n

Social workers from Centre Amane visited schools and ran participatory, engaging, hands-on activities with kids – learning from the kids their perspectives on what constitutes violence and working with them to create posters for their school. These posters covered the different types of abuse, how to recognise them and what to do if violence occurs.


Centre director Meryam and MCT project officer Sophia ran sessions with teachers focused on the impact of abuse on children and detecting abuse. Both the children an16422827_1740464942949543_4446243219944152035_od the teachers engaged with the subjects with enthusiasm, showing their will to prevent violence from occurring and to help children who are suffering from the impact of previous traumatic experiences. 16406659_1740465966282774_1591733719229972382_n

We finished the project with an awareness raising event in public. From our stand on one of the main roads in the town we drew in crowds interested in finding out about our work and how to protect children. There were creative activities for kids and members of the community had the chance to talk to social workers about child protection in Morocco and the recent government policy which was ratified in 2014: the ‘PPIPEM’ or Public Policy for an Integrated Child Protection System in Morocco.

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