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As part of our identity paper project the team have been raising awareness in the community of the importance of birth registration.

So far we have run events in both Ouled Teima and Taroudant, simplifying and communicating the process for parents and linking registration to the exercising of rights.

The awareness-raising events have taken various forms.  In Ouled Teima we linked up with a local school to run a session with the support of the local administration.  The team also went into the community knocking on doors and distributing leaflets and information.
In Taroudant we linked up with ALCS, an organisation working to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS.  Here we trialed our participatory session designed for women’s groups which we aim to train staff from other associations in the region to deliver themselves, thus increasing the reach of the project.
As well as sharing information we have also been giving people the opportunity to share their thoughts on the obstacles to achieving 100% birth registration and what could be done to overcome these.  We will be collating these into a report which will be presented to the department of civil registration in Autumn 2014.

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