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Several children are missing school due to swollen glands and fevers.

5 of the mothers who have regular health issues accompanied Badiaa to a women’s health day organised by the local medical association Nama. It was set up as a conference with a specialist on diabetes and a specialist on diseases associated with poor blood pressure. The women each received analyses of their blood glucose levels and blood pressure. The specialists also gave advice to the women and Badiaa about the importance of a balanced diet and seeking professional medical assistance upon observing symptoms of illness in them and their families.

The itinerary is coming together for hosting social workers Badiaa and Khalid and GMH President Abdellah Soussi in London – 16 June to 2 July. The teams hope to make the visit full of opportunities to share ideas and learn from different experiences and perspectives – please contact us asap if you are interested in helping!

AND £175 raised by the London team’s all-day efforts bucket shaking for the SCP at Chiswick Park Tube station!