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The summer holiday has ended and the children are getting back to school. The social work team are organising schedules at the centre to meet the children’s needs as they start school again. On the 15th of September, the teacher began classes again. Currently, there are more than 25 children coming regularly and the list total is expected to be 31 children. The team would certainly appreciate any extra hands in the classroom! Please contact us if you would like to volunteer your time in the classroom or could even put us in touch with a group of local volunteers.

The application process is currently underway in filling the post of a pre-school teacher. Also, 13 of the 15 spots open for children of pre-school age have been filled, with priority going to those of families already active in the SCP.

Another child received identification papers! Several more are still in the works while others have been discovered to be without them, both at the centre and at the school. The school headmaster is working with our social work team to arrange meetings with the parents to move forward in the process. The toughest obstacle is convincing the parents of the importance of this documentation for their child’s future.

To start off the new school year, we have a new team member working on the SCP! Both our London and Taroudannt MCT teams extend a warm welcome to Sarah Kadri, who is now living in Taroudannt to volunteer full-time at the centre. She will be helping in the classroom with non-formal education activities and teaching French, conducting a 1-year project evaluation, and providing invaluable communication aid between both teams. We all look forward to working with her!

Stay tuned for more to come as the centre gets going in the new school year…