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Cake pops

This summer has been jam-packed full of activities! We’ve had two volunteers working with us, Shukria and Verity, who have worked hard alongside the team of social workers to ensure the children and women’s group have had a fabulous summer thus far.

The children have done lots of crafting and hands-on activities, including a cooking workshop with fundraiser, Sarah. They have also been fortunate enough to be visited by the lovely François and Bernadette from ‘Ensemble avec les enfants’, an association based in La Rochelle which provides funds and donations every year which enable us to make the holidays extra fun for the children. They had a ‘yoghurt pot cake’ making session, where all ingredients were measured with a yoghurt pot, some crafting and games sessions, two trips to the swimming pool and a trip to the beach. All activities were enthusiastically received by the children and supported by our social workers and volunteers and would not have been possible without the funds raised by ‘Ensemble avec les enfants’.

Our women’s group also made a trip to the beach this year, thanks to the wonderful social worker, Sarah. She was aided by volunteers and other social workers. This was to celebrate a great year’s work with the project and to give the women a well deserved break and treat!

Finally, this summer, one of our volunteers, Verity, has set up a penfriend project with a school in Norfolk, UK. She writes a blog for the school documenting her life in Morocco and decided to organise an exchange of letters between the school, the centre and a school just outside of Taroudant. It has been incredibly well received by the children, who are fascinated by the differences in life and culture between England and Morocco. We have already sent and received one round of letters, giving a little information on their lives and what they like. Then, social worker Brahim helped Verity to take the children on a trip to buy postcards of Taroudant and Morocco. They enjoyed decorating them, writing about their houses and local area and making bracelets to send to the children in England. The whole team are enthusiastic to keep the project going and, as you can see on Diss High School’s website, so are the children in Norfolk!

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