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In July, the children who attend Centre Afaq revelled in a well-deserved day trip to escape the heat and monotony of the summer months.  17 children (aged 6 – 15) joined the chaperones on a refreshing trip to a swimming pool just outside Ouled Teima.

The group left the centre at 9am full of excitement (and all wearing I <3 Finland T Shirts…!).

On arrival at the pool, everyone had a lovely Ftour of coffee or hot chocolate, bread, oil, honey and amlou to build up their energy for the day ahead.

The children then spent the next four hours in the pool, splashing, swimming, playing and paddling.  The venue had both a deep pool and a wading pool, in which the smaller children were fully confident to immerse themselves safe in the knowledge they could stand up again.

A lovely meat tagine for lunch was followed by a post lunch nap before some group songs lead by various staff members and children.  Fully rested up, the group then jumped back into the pool and stayed in until emerging exhausted at 7pm to head back to Taroudannt.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to those who funded this wonderful excursion for the children of Centre Afaq.

A fantastic day was had by all.

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