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The national conference for Project CARE took place on the 3rd May 2017 in Rabat. It was organised by the Fondation Amane team who have been working on the project since July 2016 with the support of MCT trustee Aicha Aloui who was fundamental in the organisation of the logistics in Rabat during the lead up to the conference itself…

The objective was to bringing together key actors involved in the civil registration process on a regional and national level. The following were presented:

– the results from the project on a provincial and regional level. 

– the statistics and evidence collected in order to highlight the issues involved in registering children in Morocco. 

– the perspectives on civil registration from the national ministries involved in the process

– our recommendations for reform that have been developed over the course of the project itself

– the legal proposition for judicial reform to tackle the legal issues encounter by the team on the ground and the participants we have worked with.  

We invited responsible’s for civil registration including: the education, the health, the authorities and the justice departments. We also invited people that we closely work with on a regional and provincial level over the course of the project as well as those responsible within the national ministries in Rabat. A wide range of active representatives from civil society across the region of Souss and Morocco in general were present.

The speakers were made up of members from the various national ministries and experts in the field of civil registration. Each of them giving their perspective on the civil registration process in Morocco.

The results from the project were presented by our very own Abdellah Soussi and the recommendations from the project, the legal reform were presented by law professors from the university Ibn Zohr who have been supporting our work. who also chaired the discussion at the end. 

The next step is to present our legal reform to various political parties and advocate for those elected officials on the national level take on the responsibility of making the changes that we are fighting for.      

Press video – Channel 1 news – https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7IcBoAhUtpVeTg3MlJ3d0tZQ28

Article in french – http://actuelles.ma/?p=18358925_406704623062072_7855950581646089144_o 18359176_406705996395268_6070114162482405599_o 18359260_406713469727854_4675562043805001574_o 18359280_406707676395100_1709959795940259879_o 18359280_406712669727934_802657679606960595_o 18359286_406708523061682_3939967431885656825_o 18359469_406710403061494_1202438922766799861_o 18359473_406713159727885_1106746702663522953_o 18359500_406707579728443_3855150652844349791_o 18402058_406708486395019_9195103687472450621_o 18402109_406706319728569_1766090290354401771_o 18403910_406712723061262_2549689712410774651_o 18404001_406704879728713_5006489363039526419_o 18404012_406712019727999_1263774366551773263_o 18404182_406706569728544_6379139996964362251_o 18404207_406705276395340_5358109430655128032_o 18404212_406709509728250_6042399649202518637_o 18422096_406707416395126_3465336560970274275_o 18422134_406713609727840_6452082138251262734_o 18422183_406709216394946_7467877073297185742_o 18422228_406704553062079_6652950452293697225_o 18422330_406707316395136_2185649516435005801_o 18422392_406712589727942_5704647790975106906_o 18422825_406705823061952_3027123705944595538_o 18423184_406705583061976_2538809325676673598_o 18423188_406708536395014_6246507976535845783_o 18451429_406712426394625_8400116926298119850_o 18491540_406706126395255_2775177550405418713_o3554