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One the 20th of April 2016, we launched the second round of training for the social workers conducted by experienced social worker and family therapist Lynnette Swanson from the UK. Now that Lynnette has retired she has been focusing her time on working with organisations such as FAPE and MCT sharing her expertise.

This round of training was to reinforce and build on the training from last year which took place during October and November. This training was nine sessions long, covering a wide range of topics such as attachment and anger management to support the FAPE social worker’s professional development. We are pleased to report that the training was a huge success!

Lynnette also held a training session in Agadir, attended by social workers from local hospitals and courts, some of the FAPE social workers and a number of workers from a local organisation based in Agadir working with street kids. The aim of this was to foster co-ordination between them all in order to build on the creation of our local child protection system. The training session compromised a lecture followed by a Q&A session;  focusing on attachment theory and child development.

The third round of training is due to commence in November and will consist of practical workshops to implement all the theory training that the last two program’s aimed to impart. This will expand the standard of care and provide a base for a national standard for all social workers in Morocco.

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