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To celebrate the second International Day for Street Children on 12th April 2012, the MCT team in Taroudannt organised an exciting two-day trip to Marrakech for all of the children at the centre.
Setting off early on Thursday morning, they travelled by bus, drumming, singing and even dancing all the way! The children were taken all over Marrakech – to the Menara Gardens and the El Badi and El Bahia Palaces; through the Grand Souk and Djamaa El Fna square, where the children were captivated by snake charmers and baboons.

On Thursday evening everyone was generously invited to a party organised by Aziz Khalidi, a film maker who is currently producing a documentary about MCT’s work. They were welcomed by a crowd of smiling and enthusiastic children, carrying flags and waving banners, who led the group through winding alleys to the house, where each was greeted with a date, a glass of milk and a rose. The children had a great time – enjoying an evening of both feasting and singing!

To find out more, please visit MCT’s facebook account where you can view more photos.

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