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The Taroudannt team was happy to meet and welcome MCT’s newest Trustee, Ms. Aicha Alaoui, at Centre Amane.

Ms. Alaoui has been an active trustee of MCT in London since 2015, and was able to make her first visit to the Centre Amane on Feb 20th. In her short time with us, she was able to cover a lot of ground and see the Centre Amane facilities, meet the social work team, FAPE staff, and in-country MCT staff, as well as to see the city of Taroudannt in order to better understand the context of our work there. She also visited the Volunteer House—the Taroudannt home of our international volunteers—where she had a tagine lunch made by our very own Mama Zeina and had the time to discuss the plans and strategy of MCT’s projects with MCT’s in-country coordinators and FAPE president Abdellah Soussi.

Ms. Alaoui said later of her visit, “I was very pleased to visit Taroudannt and meet our Roudani Team; they are a good working group , responsible and up to date with British standards law and regulations. I was impressed! They have been well trained.” Ms Alaoui’s hard work has already made strides in expanding MCT’s networks in Morocco and the UK, and her assistance will be key in organizing an anticipated National Conference on Civil Registration this fall.