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After the silence has been revoked from the invisible population of Morocco without identity papers everyone at the centre has been very busy!

This past week the team visited 3 schools in the Ouled Berhil area (45 minutes from Centre Afaq) on Saturday 23rd February, the schools included Haroun Rachid and Chouatate. After reaching out and forging successful relationships with school directors, teachers and parents of the children, we have opened 8 new cases from this successful visit. 7 of these will be a long complicated process, with 1 which should hopefully go through quickly! We now have 29 cases in total from this area alone.

Excitingly we have 3 cases currently at the tribunal, 15 people currently waiting on papers, 12 cases in Taroudant city and 91 cases from 3 schools in the Ouled Tema area!
We are currently working on creating an Arabic and French template document, as we are the first organisation in Morocco to be working on this. This will help to simplify and speed up the process for our social workers and hopefully for other organisations to follow suit in other areas of Morocco!


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