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We would like to introduce to you Connie, who is halfway through her volunteer placement with our team at Centre Afaq!

Volunteer spotlight: Connie (left)

Hailing originally from Vancouver, Canada, Connie has spent her post-graduate education in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh.  For her research placement to earn an MA degree in International Development to complement her BA in French and Anthropology, Connie chose Centre Afaq in Taroudannt.  Since February, Connie has been preparing via weekly Skype conversations with the in-country team to design a qualitative project with street-connected children using participatory action research methods.  She then arrived in Taroudannt at the end of April to get the project activities running!

The research team consists of social workers and volunteers at Centre Afaq, and everyone has already learned a lot about how to use this research method.  The team is looking forward to continuing to work together this month and support Connie’s analysis of the data they have gathered from 10 children with whom they have not been able to continue working due to lack of appropriate support for their complex situations.  The team hopes to learn from the children more details about these situations and their desires for change to understand how best we can develop our services to meet their needs.

Connie is also making sure to take research breaks and enjoy time providing 1:1 French support in the evening education programme at Centre Afaq alongside our other volunteers!

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