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The MCT team and Centre Afaq is thrilled to have Danielle, a second year student from the University of Cambridge, volunteering with us in Taroudannt through November.

As part of her BA programme in Modern and Medieval Languages, Danielle was required to spend a Year Abroad in a country in which her two specialties are spoken: French and Spanish.  Having chosen to pursue her long-time goal of volunteering with children, Danielle came across the MCT Volunteer Project through her university’s Year Abroad service, and we’re grateful she did!

Danielle is certainly no stranger to caring for young children.  As the eldest of four children, she gained a lot of experience looking after her siblings and setting a good example for them to follow throughout the years.

Danielle’s kindness and compassion has been evident throughout her time thus far in Taroudannt.  We’re grateful for her contribution and look forward to these next couple months with her.

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