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Gracing us from the highlands of Scotland, Felicity Roach came down to the balmy plains of Taroudannt to join our in-country team for the months of June and July!

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Born with a drive to see the world, she tested out of her final year of high school and headed south, making friendly with local families in France and Spain. In the walled city of Taroudannt she is leading French communications sessions, working with all ages (6-20 years) of students to fill in the linguistic gaps that traditional schooling may not provide. In addition, the swarms of pre-schoolers which are constantly at her ankles show her popularity with the younger ages as well. The pre-school is her passion, creating daily activities to keep a gaggle of young adoring children both educated and entertained during the hot summer days.
Making the tough decision to stand in solidarity with her Muslim co-workers and friends in the celebration of Ramadan, she has proven strong and cheerful as ever in her time of fasting this month. In addition, her natural aptitude for the Moroccan Arabic language has garnered remarks from local volunteers.
Already equipped with a Chinese visa, she will soon be making the tough choice between studying the Chinese or Arabic language when she arrives at Edinburgh University for the first time this upcoming autumn semester. We welcome Felicity to MCT’s in-country volunteer team and hope her second month is just as prosperous as her first!

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