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This month, our in-country team welcomed Francesca to the team at Centre Afaq!

Hailing originally from Milan, Italy, Francesca has spent the past 7 years in London for her studies, including a BA in International Relations from Queen Mary, University of London.  Combining this interest and her language skills in French and Arabic, Francesca is taking on a role providing 1:1 French support in the evening education programme at the centre and supporting the social work team to develop the women’s group and girls group at Centre Afaq over the next three months.  This role is being handed over from Karen who has volunteering in-country since November and spent the previous 10 months supporting the women’s project on the UK team.

Arriving on the 15th of April, Francesca only had one day in Taroudannt before embarking on a two-day adventure with members of the girls group (and boys group) to Ouarzazate.  It was certainly the way to kick-start her time with the Centre Afaq team and we wish her all the best during her time in Morocco!

Francesca in Ouarzazate

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