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Over the past 2+ months, we have had the utmost pleasure of working alongside Jacob Perry at Centre Afaq and welcoming him to the MCT team. As an M.P.S. candidate from the University of Arkansas in the US, Jacob brought a passion for social change and a unique academic angle to his volunteer position.

Here at MCT, we’re always looking for new data and research to help us enhance and widen our efforts in improving the life of every single street-connected child of the Taroudannt region. Jacob enthusiastically offered to assist the team at Centre Afaq as they began their latest data-gathering mission: to quantify the number of children in Taroudannt who fit into our target group and determine what proportion of this group we currently reach. This crucial investigation will give us vital perspectives on our programmes and insight as to how we can strengthen our work.

In addition to this invaluable project, Jacob became an involved member of the Centre Afaq family, making lasting relationships with the children as a mentor and teacher. Throughout his time with us, Jacob enjoyed guiding children on trips, teaching French courses, and helping students learn how to read.

We will certainly miss Jacob in Taroudannt, but we are very grateful for the positive impact he has had on the children and our mission.

Check back soon to read the analysis and evaluation of Jacob’s findings and how it will impact the future work of MCT and GMH!

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