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We are excited to welcome our newest member to the MCT volunteering team.  Jenna Waniek, from Vancouver, will be with us in Taroudannt for the next two months supporting the preschool team and tutoring French in the homework support sessions.

Jenna, who is on a year out from a political science degree, applied to volunteer with MCT to gain experience that complements the theory she is studying at university.  She has a particular interest in social development and the rights and well-being of children.

As well as her interest in political science Jenna has lots of experience working in preschools, and has completed her Early Childhood Educator certificates in Canada.  We are excited for her to share her ideas and working practices with us.

Finally, we are honoured that Jenna decided to share her 21st birthday with us on the 20th February – Eid Milad Said Jenna!

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