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We are pleased to welcome Samuel Flax who has made his first trip across the Atlantic to volunteer with our team in Taroudannt during June and July!

Currently studying International Studies at Fordam University in New York City, and with an interest in joining the Peace Corps after graduation, Sam’s enthusiasm and passion for development is very helpful to the team. Sam has been focused on English teaching, running sessions at various levels for different age groups, including interested staff members! Additionally, Sam can be found paint-splattered in the pre-school or keeping the kids entertained by teaching ultimate frisbee in the sports hall.

Loved by the children and staff alike, Sam has already built a large network of friends throughout the town of Taroudannt, frequently being stopped and greeted in the street. Sam provides a natural source of entertainment, connecting instantly with the Moroccan team’s sense of humour. He has also delighted the team with his thirst for learning about all things takilidiya (traditional) in Moroccan culture.

A big thank you to Sam!

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